Doors to Heaven


Even for a photographer, I guess, when God closes one door he opens another 🙂 When we reached inside passage, one of the most scenic places in Alaska, it was pretty gloomy and cloudy. Here is the door that opened up just for a few minutes in Inside Passage Alaska through those clouds !!!

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Sol Duc Falls

Its not huge but its packed within the dense rain forests of Olympic National Park and is not wide open to the skies. We saw a picture like this in the park office and asked the ranger where to take it from (as you can see, most people would take a picture from that wooden bridge). He hesitated abit and told us that we could get this angle only by going off the trail to the edge of a cliff and added “I don’t think its worth that risk”. I guess you would disagree just like we did 🙂
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Skagway Train

Skagway Train

Picture taken from the same moving train on a curve

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Olympic National Park

This picture was taken at Olympic National Park just before embarking on my cruise to Alaska. Cloudy sunrise. So I decided to include very little sky.


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Welcome to my Photoblog

After trying different versions of a blog, I decided to stick to a plain and simple photoblog. A picture that tells more than a million words!!! I will try to supplement it with some context but otherwise won’t bore you with much text. Your comments are highly appreciated 🙂

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